Baltimore Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Car Accident Related Injuries

There are quite possibly hundreds of car accidents every single day throughout Baltimore. Some catastrophic, and others are merely "fender-benders." Even "fender-benders" can cause hidden injuries that can develop into pain, headaches, and arthritis. Even worse, most people who have been involved in an auto accident may not even know that they've been hurt. The body is often flooded with adrenaline for the days directly following the accidents. Most emergency room doctors give pain killers to hide these injuries for even longer. The chiropractic approach to these types of injuries is to use specific chiropractic adjustments to help return spinal function. After a thorough case history and examination, the doctor will recommend any necessary care to help restore proper motion and position of spinal bones. If caught early enough, inflammation can be reduced and scar tissue can often be minimized.

The Baltimore Chiropractic and Pain Care clinic of Dr. Eric A. Fisher treats many of the ailments of an auto injury including:

If you were injured in a Baltimore auto accident, it is likely that your insurance or the insurance of the other party will pay for most, if not all of your care. Our office will work with you, your attorney and the insurance company so that there is minimal out of pocket expense to you.

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, contact our office to schedule an appointment with a Baltimore Chiropractor as quickly as possible. Call now for a quicker recovery (410) 235-2225.