Baltimore Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is a traditional methodology to treat joint injuries. It is a substitute to surgery or medication. Studies have revealed that Chiropractic care is indeed the most effective form of treatment for chronic and acute back pain. We are aimed at enhancing symptomatic relief and restoring normal joint function with a view to reduce your pain and expedite your mobility. In our daily life, restricted movement, inflammatory issues, muscle spasms and twisted ligaments belong to the most categories and are mostly caused by auto accidents. Electrical Muscle Stimulation in short EMS offers deep tissue muscle contraction, aids in controlling pain and in controlling muscle spasms.

Therapeutic Ultrasound heals normal tissue and breaks up scar tissues. Intersegmental Traction aids with the stiffness of spinal joint and chronic spasticity, and magnifies spinal joint mobility. This treatment is mostly enjoyed by the patients as they feel deep relaxation of their joints and muscles. Contrast Therapy makes use of a combination of cold and wet heat therapy to the areas affected. It aids a great deal with ache and the inflammation. It also functions well in combination with the other treatment procedures.

Therapeutic exercises in combination with other modalities provide the patients with a complete rehabilitation and thus aiding the body to restore it. By means of making use of range of motion exercises and flexibility can restore the lost motion. Once the pain is minimized, our exercise specialists in collaboration with you will help you strengthen the affected area. Reduction of atrophy(muscle weakness) at the affected area that is usually followed by an injury.

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