Dry Needling Therapy

Integrative Dry Needling fuses filament needles to inoculate minor lesions into the soft tissues (skin, muscles, fascia, tendon and ligament, etc) to activate the healing process, resulting in pain relief and restoration of healthy physiology.

The pathophysiology of myofascial pain involves:

(1) sensitization of central nervous system and peripheral nervous system,
(2) soft tissue dysfunction, which includes a number of histological abnormalities and molecular events
(3) musculoskeletal biomechanical imbalance.

The widely known concept of trigger points and their referred pain patterns are one of these histological abnormalities.

Dr. Eric A. Fisher has been trained, certified and deeply understands:
• mechanism of dry needling
• mechanisms of formation of trigger points
• mechanism of twitching response

and is able to clinically apply multiple approaches of therapy. "Integrative systemic Dry Needling pays attention to both regionalized symptoms and their pathological influence over the entire musculoskeletal system." - Peter Lundgren, Physiotherapist, Director AKNA Institute, Sweden

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